The Inman Aligner Straightened my Teeth and Helped me to Regain my Confidence

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One of our patients from Paisley became unhappy when he looked at photographs of his smile due to them being crooked and discoloured. He explains why visiting Tweedsmuir Dental Care was one of the best decisions he ever made. After an initial consultation, He decided to opt for Inman Aligner treatment to help straighten his teeth.

"After years of having a couple of crooked teeth, I eventually made the decision to ask the dentist about straightening them.

Over my younger years, teenage years and early adulthood I suppose I got used to looking at my teeth in the mirror. What annoyed me the most was in photographs when I smiled because the teeth were sunk back a bit they looked black and discoloured. Even having my teeth whitened didn't have the desired impact as the shadowing on the teeth still made them look dark."

Making the decision to visit the dentist

It's very common for patients to feel this way about their teeth. Often it can be hard to make the decision to visit the dentist, especially if you haven't had an appointment for a long time.

Some patients worry that they might get reprimanded by the dentist for not looking after their teeth properly. Others fear that they may be pressured into opting for painful or expensive treatment options.

At Tweedsmuir Dental Care, we treat all of our patients with courtesy and respect. We do not believe in using high pressure sales tactics and will always recommend the most appropriate course of treatment. Where possible, we will suggest alternatives and make sure that our patients are well-informed about the range of options available.

"I spoke with the dentist Iain Maudsley and he took me through a few scenarios and optional treatments where he would get my teeth straightened. The straightening treatment we agreed on was the Inman Aligner.

This is a removable device that I had to wear continually all day and night but had the luxury of being able to remove while I ate and also attending business meetings.

There was an initial consultation where a mould was made and an impression of my teeth created, then the second visit I had the Inman Aligner inserted.

At first I have to admit it was a bit strange having the brace on my top teeth but after a few days I was hardly noticing it. It was just as easy cleaning it when I was brushing my teeth morning and night."

Getting used to the Inman Aligner

As with many dental treatments, the Inman Aligner can feel a little uncomfortable at first. This is completely normal, the mouth is extremely sensitive and a change can take a little bit of getting used to. The vast majority of patients report that, after the first couple of days, they hardly notice that the Aligner is in place.

"The Inman Aligner treatment offered me a gentle process to gradually move the crooked teeth back into a straight line with the other teeth. There were a few visits back to Dr Maudsley who, bit by bit, increased the torque of the brace to get the teeth gently back into a good position.

The great thing about the Inman Aligner was even though I had to wear it constantly, it was hardly noticeable. It was a really easy experience as well, something I didn't think could have been possibly to straighten teeth, I thought there would have been pain and uncomfortable feelings but it really was pretty straight forward.

Inman Aligner Before Inman Aligner Before
Inman Aligner After Inman Aligner After

All the staff were really friendly and couldn't have made me more welcome. All my friends and family keep saying how good my teeth look now, even thinking I've went a bit mental with teeth whitening but I haven't really, just the two small adjustments to the top front teeth have made a world of difference and I can't thank Tweedsmuir Dental Care enough.

I live in Paisley and could have opted for a local dentist but Tweedsmuir Dental Care came highly recommend and was just a short journey along Paisley Road West to the Practice.

Thanks again Iain, Claire, Lorna and all the nurses, excellent job!!

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