Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a fantastic way to help your teeth look brighter and make you feel more youthful and confident.

It is a simple yet highly effective way of restoring the natural colour of your teeth without removing any of the tooth surfaces.

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What does tooth whitening involve?
Tooth whitening is generally undertaken by a gentle process of bleaching and carried out to a professional standard. A moulded tray is used (similar to a gum shield) which contains the whitening material.

This is usually hydrogen peroxide or other another peroxide based product. The treatment may take up to three or four weeks and can be continued at home or if you prefer, the dentist can continue the treatment until the desired colour is produced.

We use the deep whitening technique which produces the most consistent results. The gel is placed in custom made trays which are worn for approximately four hours a day or overnight for two weeks. The difference can be quite considerable.

Can I make my teeth white at home?
Yes. Home Tooth Whitening can be carried out without any damage to the surface of the tooth. You won’t get a complete colour change but your teeth will be brighter. We would always recommend that you consult with a dental professional before embarking upon a course of home tooth whitening.

Is Tooth Whitening available on the NHS?
Unfortunately, teeth whitening is not available on the NHS. This is because it is considered to be a purely cosmetic dental treatment.

We offer tooth whitening in Glasgow on a private basis.

Tooth Whitening Testimonial
One of our patients from Renfrew recently had her teeth whitened at Tweedsmuir Dental Care. She was kind enough to share her experience for the website

Having made the decision to get my teeth whitened in Glasgow a friend referred me to Tweedsmuir Dental Care in Cardonald as my own NHS dentist didn't offer this treatment, it's close to Renfrew where i live. I had a quick consultation with Dr Iain Maudsley and was assured that i would see a massive difference in the colouring of my teeth. It made me self conscious to smile knowing my teeth were quite yellow and stained. I also work in Glasgow South Side so it wasn't a huge effort to make my way to the Practice just off Paisley Road West. In fact there are two train stations very close, both Crookston and Mosspark stations are only a 5 minute walk away from the Practice, plus there's loads of buses to get there as well as it's on a busy route between Glasgow and Paisley!
The treatment was pain free, no needles, no discomfort, no anxiety... just the knowledge that my teeth were going to look much better (admittedly, I had neglected them a bit in the past). Iain said the 'deep whitening technique' gave the best results. The whitening gel is placed in trays (which are a bit like a mouthguard) and i wore them for roughly an hour a night for 2 weeks. It was safe and convenient and I could relax in the comfort of my own home. The difference I saw was astonishing!
It's fair to say this testimonial is a credit to my new dentist. The team and staff within the Practice were excellent and cannot fault them for anything.

Home Whitening Kit
I have even purchased the home whitening kit just to top it up now and again, i love my coffee and red wine and this i know will stain the teeth over time so a wee top up now and again keeps the teeth white.
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