Private Dental Prices

We know that it's not easy to plan for unexpected treatment and we try to take the pain away with our easy payment plans allowing you to spread the expense. Please contact us for details of dental finance options.

We give you a rough idea of what to expect for various treatments below but it is always advisable to check with our receptionist or with your dentist for up to date prices.

White fillings £55-£75
Tooth whitening£295 (£195 one arch)
Bleaching tray (per tray)£100
Bonded crown £295
All ceramic crown £395
Post and core£75
Metal winged Maryland bridge£350 (one wing/one pontic)
Ceramic winged Maryland bridge£450(one wing/one pontic)
Wax up
(advised for private treatment of more than one tooth)
£30 per unit
Study models£25
Shade take at lab£70
Shade take in surgery
(with lab technician)
Root treatmentIncisor £145
Root treatmentUpper premolar £165
Root treatmentLower premolar £155
Root treatmentMolar £225
Full upper and full lower denture£595
full upper denture£350
full lower denture£350
Cobalt Chrome denture£450
Clear Smile Aligner£1500-£3500
(dependant on number of aligners required)
Removable retainer£100
Fixed Retainer £150
Soft Splint without Prior£50
Dental implantsfrom £2000
Atraumatic extraction for implantrom £60
Implant retained denture£6000- £10,000
(prices vary, based on case by case basis)
Hygienist visit15 min £20
Hygienist visit30min £40
Sedation£180 per session