IV Sedation

Coping With Dental Fear & Easing Dental Anxiety

Are you afraid of dental pain? Are you anxious about going to the dentist? Do you feel nervous? We can help!

It is common to feel anxious and scared of dental pain. Indeed, many people avoid going to the dentist, as this fear can negatively affect their ability to get dental treatment on a regular basis.

Given the options that are now available to minimise or eliminate pain, coping with dental fear and easing dental anxiety has been made possible.

Here at Envisage Dentistry Tweedsmuir, Dr Lorna McIntosh can offer Conscious Dental Sedation as part of those options.

Whether you feel anxious or nervous about not being able to manage dental pain, the good news is that there is a solution that can address this problem and dramatically improve your overall experience of dentistry.

Lorna McIntosh

Dr Lorna McIntosh


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Causes of dental phobia and anxiety

Have you ever wondered about the reasons behind feeling anxious or even having a dental phobia? We have, and there could be many.

However, it is usually something that can be linked back to a traumatic experience in a dental environment, especially at a young age, and can impact your outlook on dentistry.

Patients may feel anxious about a range of specific issues:

  • Feeling powerless or without control – for example, when lying down in a chair;
  • Any discomfort or pain experienced during treatment;
  • Embarrassment or shame about the overall condition of their teeth or hygiene;
  • Fear of needles or injection;
  • Uncomfortable with certain sensations or noises – as is usually the case of the drill sound.

Ultimately, not all patients are the same, nor are their backgrounds, concerns or psychological needs.

We know that everyone is unique, and we do our best to guarantee an open environment where it is safe to speak out freely. 

We welcome all patients with empathy and ensure a warm and calm setting is guaranteed to address your concerns and uplift your emotional state. But it is not all about us. 

When approaching your initial appointment, try your best to speak to your dentist directly about any worries, as this is the first step to overcoming your fear and conquering the overall challenge. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you expect during your first appointment?

We strive to make your experience as pleasant as possible. 

The first step is to get to know you. You can expect a simple conversation where you are encouraged to share your issues and concerns. We want to start getting to know each other and better understand why you have come to visit us. 

During this appointment, we usually start by inspecting the inside of your mouth by performing a basic check-up, where only a small mirror and probe are used as part of the procedure. If necessary and if you feel comfortable, we may also take a dental x-ray. This is a painless technique that helps us visualise the status of your teeth and surrounding tissue. By doing so, we will be able to make informed decisions about the next steps to help achieve optimal oral health.

Finally, we will go through all the options available to tackle your dental concerns while ensuring that you fully understand what’s going on and why those solutions are best for you. Only then we will proceed with any necessary treatment, scheduling an appointment at a pace that makes you feel most at ease and in control. 

What is dental sedation?

According to the British Dental Association, dental conscious sedation is:

A technique in which the use of a drug or drugs produces a state of depression of the nervous system enabling treatment to be carried out, but during which verbal contact with the patient is maintained throughout the period of sedation.British Dental Association

In essence, during a dental procedure, sedation lets you stay conscious and awake, while helping you feeling at ease and controlling pain.

Who may benefit from it?
  • Severe dental fear, anxiety and phobia
  • Long dental procedures
  • Children and people with special needs
  • Disability and medical conditions
For more information on IV Sedation at EnVisage Dentistry Tweedsmuir, reach out to our dental team by calling 0141 882 6825 or get in touch via our Contact Us page.

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