NHS Dentist Glasgow

NHS service fees are set by the Scottish Executive. An NHS check up in Glasgow is free of charge and at this appointment a full estimate of treatment will be provided.

The maximum charge on the NHS is £384 per course of treatment. Some patients may be totally exempt from any NHS charges. Permission may have to be granted from the health board to do some treatments.

The NHS service does not cover treatments such as tooth coloured fillings in premolars and molars. This is the same for certain areas where crowns and veneers may be placed. Whitening techniques and implant procedures are only done on a private basis.

Marie from Crookston in the South Side of Glasgow explains why she chose Tweedsmuir Dental Care:

Being registered with an NHS dentist has many benefits for us. Having a big family (and i mean BIG) our resources and budgets are stretched to the max. My husband works all the hours God sends and i manage to work a bit of part-time when the younger kids are at nursery. We have a couple of kids at primary school and our oldest boys are in higher education. So you can imagine our monthly costs for food, clothing, entertainment (which can be limited) and household bills all add up.
Using Tweedsmuir Dental Care as our local NHS Dentist in Glasgow is convenient and comforting knowing that we won’t be charged any more than we can afford but also the practice is run and maintained by some extremely friendly and professional people. I don’t want to stigmatise some dental practices but sometimes you can look at a building or meet someone and you can just imagine the dental horror stories that could come out, especially if the walls could talk!
At Tweedsmuir I’m happy knowing my family are well looked after in a favourable location from where we live, Crookston Renfrewshire incidentally. There are plenty of Dental Practices around this side of Glasgow but Tweedsmuir rise above them all in terms of friendliness, service and professionalism.
We pay the going NHS rates, kids are free (thankfully) and myself and my husband get free oral examinations and check-ups then there’s a fee structure depending on any fillings required.
We will always get an examination then if any work is needed we get an itemised account which details the costs so we know what we’re paying.
I would say if you’re looking for a dentist, not all dentists offer NHS treatment, some high rollers just go for the big bucks, private dental work, facial cosmetics that sort of thing. On the other hand some dentists don’t offer the cosmetic thing and are just a chop shop, get you in and out like cattle, a quick fix with no customer service or attention to the patient needs so i’d suggest looking around the local area and if you drive even somewhere else or maybe on the road in-between a commute from work, just make sure you make the right decision when choosing a dentist as your smile, like your eyes, is a window to your soul!

Marie Henderson – 6 kids and one big kid (my husband)